Social Capital Formation & Development Activities

The main focus of the Trust is SELF-HELP – A Key to Women’s Empowerment and Self-Development. Efficient planning, budgeting and savings are essential components for economic sustainability.

Sampada believes in the approach of organizing women (active involvement of all women) into SHGs of 12-20 members each regularly practicing saving with internal lending as an essential activity. These SHGs are federated at the village level, called the Sanyukta Mahila Samitee (SMS). This apex body comprises of two representatives of each SHG in the village. The SMSs plays a vital role of assessing the credit worthiness of each SHG. It acts as a pressure group facilitating repayment and as a ‘solidarity platform’ for mutual support learning and reaffirmation.

As on 31st Mar. 2017 3,724 SHGs, having 50,274 women members in 844 villages have been formed by Sampada Trust. .