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Microfinance is the provision of financial services to low-income clients or solidarity lending groups including consumers and the self-employed, who traditionally lacks access to banking and related financial services.

Microfinance is not confined to giving micro credit to the poor, rather it is an economic development tool with an objective to assist unprivileged to work their way out of poverty. It covers a wide range of services like credit, savings, insurance, remittance and also non-financial services like training, capacity building etc.

SELF is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of the unprivileged in order to serve them with the most relevant and effective products. Our customized offerings meet a wide range of borrowers’ needs. While maintaining a core product line, we strive to innovate in a timely manner based on our ever going learning and experience from field. As we build and expand our portfolio, we stay focused on our vision of enabling families to buWild assets, generate income, prepare for inconsistent cash flow, educate them financially and achieve SELF-RELIANCE. Each product and service offered by SELF is one that we truly believe can impact the lives of our members.

Lifeline for people with limited resources.

Microcredit is the extension of small loans to impoverished borrowers.

Targeted Beneficiaries.

Those who lack collateral, steady employment, or a credit history.

Making dream come true.

It is designed to support entrepreneurship and act as a tool to alleviate poverty.

Loan Products

Loan Product Purpose Cycle Min Amount Max Amount Tenure Frequency Interest (Reducing) LPF
Income Generative Loan IGL 1 5000 20000 12 Months Monthly 23.5% 1%
IGL 2 20000 30000 12-24 Months Monthly 23.75 1%
IGL 3rd And Above 30000 40000 24 Months Monthly 23.75 1%
Water and Sanitation New Toilet Construction 10000 20000 12 Months Monthly 23.5% 1%
Toilet Renovation 10000 20000 12 Months Monthly 23.5% 1%
Water Connection 10000 20000 12 Months Monthly 23.5% 1%
Water Storage / Filter 20000 30000 12-24 Months Monthly 23.5% 1%
Accessible Family Toilet Toiler Construction and Renovation 20000 30000 12-24 Months Monthly 23.5% 1%
Credit Linked Insurance For 1 Year @rate of 5.1362/1000Rs for Borrower and Co-Borrower
For 2 Year @rate of 9.8669/1000Rs for Borrower and Co-Borrower
Note 1. Only interest, LPF & Insurance Premium is collected from borrowers.
2. The effective interest rate is 23.75% annum on reducing basis.


Loan Portfolio


Credit Disbursed


Household Served


Lives Insured

Lending Methodology

Lending methodology plays an important part in the assessment of default risk, but so do socio‐economic factors such as market proximity, the potential for activities that add value, and gender. Micro entrepreneurs who have successfully repaid their first, second and subsequent loan will ascend along the progressive loan structure. Socio‐economic factors are decisive when it comes to lending in the microfinance sector, as they influence the generation of cash flows and with it the loan repayments.

Self Help Group

A SHG (Self-Help Group) is a community based group with 10-20 members. They are usually women from similar social and economic backgrounds, all voluntarily coming together to save small sums of money, on a regular basis.

Joint Liability Group (JLG)

JLG consists of an informal group of 4 – 10 individuals (max 20) who are engaged in similar business/ occupation, formed with the purpose of availing loan through the group mechanism against mutual guarantee.